4.2 oz Garcinia Cambogia Extract 65% HCA Powder Review

agc d14.2 oz Garcinia Cambogia Extract 65% HCA Powder is a new product by Elixir of Life. It comes in powder form which is truly an advantage for people who don’t like taking capsules, tablets, or pills for their diet regimen.

4.2 oz Garcinia Cambogia Extract 65% HCA Powder includes HCA, a substance abundant in garcinia cambogia fruit that has been researched for many years and found out effective in blocking the effects of the enzyme ATP citrate lyase. This enzyme is responsible for turning sugars and carbohydrates into fatty acids. In addition, this wonder fruit increases the levels of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a chemical substance in the brain which acts on mood and pleasure. Thus, it is known as the feel good hormone. When serotonin is at a high normal level, the body will have a generalized good feeling. Thus, this prevents cravings and emotional eating.

HCA improves your heart health as well. This happens by reducing the cholesterol and lipid levels in the body. The product is claimed to be handmade and all-natural.

The customers have testified to the effective changes that they have felt when using the powder. They also said that it is a versatile product that can be incorporated into their tea, veggie shakes, and health juices.

While this is a competitive pricing for the manufacturers, 4.2 oz Garcinia Cambogia Extract 65% HCA Powder by Elixir of Life, is still selling at the lowered rate of $22.99 per bag.

Suggested Usage
1/4 teaspoon (500mg) 3 times a day before meals. Can be mixed with juice or water but you can work up to 1 teaspoon 3 times a day if desired.

1 serving equals 500mg or 1/4 teaspoon

65% HCA garcinia cambogia extract

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