Calorie Facts Plain and Simple



Calories Burned Per Hour


Some of us like our facts plain and simple. We use data as fodder for making decisions and formulating a plan of action. When it comes to exercise, in particular, we can certainly use the motivation of charts and graphs that hit us with the reality of the situation. What burns more calories, walking or running, for example? You can easily find out in the infographic, “Calories BurnedPer Hour.” You might know the one favors the other in quantitative results, but now you have the stats right in front and crystal clear. It is not as much a difference as you might think. Want to know about cycling, swimming, aerobics, and yoga? It’s all there. If you can decipher a bar graph, you are home free. The infographic is terse and to the point. It is also a visual portrayal of the number of minutes required to burn 150 k calories. Those using exercise to boost the effects of lower calorie intake will benefit from the knowledge that their favorite athletic or person all pastime might just be the ticket to ride. Stair walking rates and snow shoveling rate high on the totem pole of possibilities, while washing windows or waxing a car rates quite low. In between are gardening, basketball, and social dancing. It’s helpful info for  anyone starting an exercise and diet regimen and will set you in the right direction for best fat-burning results.

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