Diabetes Facts & Statistics [Info-Graphic]

Diabetes Facts & Statistics

It is Never too Late to Start

Diabetes is on the rise, yet many people do not understand the disease, how to treat it, and how to prevent it. The Infographic “Diabetes Facts & Statistics” illustrates in a hybrid image/text form essentials about the illusive disease. After defining it succinctly, the infographic lists pertinent statistics regarding diagnosis in the US population and its placement as the seventh leading cause of death. Risks and complications follow including eye and kidney disease, stroke, foot issues, heart disease, and nerve damage. Without engendering fear, these are the facts. The reality is, however, that prevention is entirely possible. The infographic makes no bones about it. It is a serious disease, but you can take action now to improve your odds and avoid the ultimate consequences. As it boldly states, “it is never too late to start.” 85% of type II diabetes and its side effects are treatable and can be delayed. Changing one’s lifestyle is the key to unlocking the door of prevention. At the top of the list is a healthy diet and weight management, meaning proper nutrition coupled with regular exercise. Weight loss reduces insulin resistance while muscles and fat tissue become more sensitive to circulating levels in the blood. Luckily, there are also several dietary supplements on the market to assist the process: garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean, raspberry ketone, saffron, and acai berry. A handy button to access more information on garcinia cambogia is strategically placed at the bottom of the infrographic. Regular checkups and physical activity round out the list of preventative measures. Just about anything helps in this realm from walking and stair climbing in your daily life to swimming and more strenuous weight training and aerobic exercise. Whatever you do, keep moving, and enjoy the benefits of better health and a reduced risk of diabetes.

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