Facts About A Natural Fat Buster and Fitness-Garcinia cambogia

Slim womanAmong the natural fat burners extracted from wild fruits and plants such as African mango, raspberry ketones, green coffee and chili, garcinia cambogia has been called a “natural fat buster.” The well-known physician and host Dr. Oz of ABC TV. has praised the fruit, which has garnered many titles of late including “Super Fruit,” “Magic Bullet,” and the “Holy Grail” because of its miraculous impact on fat conversion, weight loss, cholesterol reduction, heart protection, as well as stress and mood improvement.

Garcinia cambogia has been attractive to people looking for effective weight loss supplements, although the weight loss benefits are less certain than the fat burning effects. It is not surprising that the newer application of garcinia cambogia extract is of appeal to people actively seeking fitness supplements as its fat burning effects are much stronger than those of most natural fat busters.  It is expected that in the near future, garcinia products will be even hotter in the fitness field than in the weight loss market.

 A unique fat buster

In the current fitness market, many fat burning products claim to burn fat more rapidly. For example, raspberry ketone extract is known to be a good, safe fat burner, but its effects are relatively weak: it works better as a component in a combination product. Green coffee bean extract is also known to be an appetite suppressor and fat burner, but its effects are not be sufficient unless it is combined with diet and exercise or other components.

By contrast, garcinia cambogia extract has been proven to be the strongest natural fat buster to date. It can work alone to promote fitness with its ability to burn fat and suppress appetite or can work with other fat busters in combination supplements to enhance the fat burning effects. In addition, it can reduce the side effects of each of the components, can reduce stress, and help you feel better — features frequently sought by busy people living in modern society.

It burns more fat

Compared to other products, garcinia cambogia extract is the most effective fat burner. A scientific report published in the Journal of Medicine in 2004 shows that its main ingredient, hydroxycitric acid (HCA), has a very strong impact on various types of body fat, helping to reduce overall body mass. These benefits of garcinia cambogia are highly valued by different populations around the world.

The extract can reduce fat production thereby causing weight loss. It can lower cholesterol by decreasing the bad variety (LDL) and increasing the good type (HDL) to protect the blood vessels of the heart and brain. Furthermore, it reduces triglycerides that constitute a high risk factor for the heart. Results indicate that the product can yield the additional benefit of organ protection, one of the reasons garcinia cambogia products are so popular today.

It increases lean muscle mass

Every fitness buff is dying to build beautiful-looking muscles that improve the shape of the body; one of the ideal supplements that can fulfill this desire is garcinia cambogia. While reducing your body mass by burning more fat and protecting the heart and brain, it also helps to increase lean muscle mass in some areas in your body.

A scientific report published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2012 shows that when HCA is taken as supplement in the standard dose of 500 milligram with a high carbohydrate meal three hours after a workout, it promotes glycogen synthesis and reduces the fatty acid translocase in the specific muscle that has been exercised. This is the first report on the impact of garcinia cambogia-derived HCA on muscle mass, supplementing other reports on increasing lean muscle mass. The implication is that garcinia products can help enhance exercise results and help you achieve your fitness dream much faster.

It makes you look fit and feel better

It is safe to combine several natural fat busters to enjoy their synergistic effects as long as the combinations do not cause strong side effects. People flock to gyms and exercise programs not only to be in shape, but also to induce a better mood and alleviate stress. Garcinia cambogia can enhance the stress reduction effects of exercise. When you are under stress, hormones like cortisol increase in your body — mostly in your brain – while stress suppressive neurotransmitters like serotonin decrease, making you feel anxious or depressed. Garcinia cambogia plays a dual role in stress reduction by lowering the cortisol hormone and increasing the serotonin neurotransmitter to help control your mood, reduce anxiety, and make you feel better. Thus garcinia extract is also called a stress curer.


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