Fitting Garcinia Cambogia into a Proper Weight Loss Plan

Garcinia cambogia is called the “Queen of All Fruits” because of its unique effects on human health. It has been famous in Asia and Africa for thousands of years, but is not introduced to American and other western countries until recent years. The market of garcinia is expending rapidly in the US due to one of its unique features – weight loss effector.

Obesity is becoming not just a health issue, but obviously a society and countrywide issue. Obese populations have much higher risks of heart and brain disorders, increased financial loadings to families and health insurances, and consequently have impact on the lives of themselves and their loved ones. People in America are seeking effective weight loss drugs and methods, and these issues make garcinia cambogia popular and unique solution.

The rule of weight loss

There are two different ways to lower your body weight, and one of them is to eat less. When less food is taken, the sources of carbs and fats are reduced, and so does your body weight. The other way is to cut down the pathway in your body of the use of the food taken, and it means even though the amount of food is not reduced, but the food absorption or the transfer of food to fat has been cut down or decreased, it will also result in weight loss. Most of the available products in current market have impact on only one of the two ways of weight loss, and probably on the second one.

The unique feature of garcinia cambogia on weight loss is that it has impact on both ways: firstly, it helps reduce your food intake by suppressing your appetite, and thus you eat less to reduce the source of high carbs and fats. Secondly, it helps reduce the transformation from extra carbs to fat by inhibiting fat synthesis, and thus even if there are some extra food intakes, you won’t need to worry about. This feature is the reason that garcinia cambogia got its nick name as the “magic bullet.”

How can garcinia cause weight loss?

The active component of weight loss is from the natural exact portion of the dried fruit rind of garcinia cambogia, in which an active molecule is found as hydroxyl citric acid (HCA). The dried rind of garcinia cambogia contains about 20% of HCA, and it is similar to citric acid structurally with a sour flavor. The active component HCA acts through both ways of weight loss to help you to get rid of your extra mess.

When your appetite is lower, you will eat less naturally. As the first way, HCA can enhance the secretion of a hormone called serotonin in the brain, and it is a regulator of your appetite and your mood. It reduces your appetite, and improves your mood and sleep. And as the consequences, you eat less, have less emotional eating, feel better in your daily activities, and also sleep better. Once you eat less, your body tends to burn more fat to compensate the energy needs, and once you sleep more, you will have more fat burned.

As the second way, HCA can block an enzyme called citrate lyase that is normally functioning in converting extra carbs to fat in the body. When you take in garcinia extract, its HCA content will inhibit citrate lyase in your body, and stops the formation of fat from the food you eat, and results in weight loss. Once the fat formation is reduced, the formation of bad cholesterol like LDL is also reduced. Moreover, when less fat forming, the carbs your eat will have to be stored as glycogen to reduce sugar level in your blood, and this will trigger less insulin secretion resulting in even less fat storage. These processes give explanations to the weight loss effects of the “magic bullet.”

The safety studies of garcinia cambogia

Garcinia has been widely used in cooking like curry cuisines, and has been consumed for thousands of years without any harmful impact on humans. But toxicology study is still required by the U S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to make sure of its safety, since the extract is purified and the concentration of HCA is higher than just eating the dried fruit.

The safety studies of HCA from garcinia cambogia have been conducted in both animals and humans, and there is no serious side effects reported from any of those studies. Dose studies in animals show that HCA does not have any acute toxicity on dermal irritation, dermal toxicity, or eye irritation; neither have any sub-chronic toxicity to organs like liver, testicle, or to functions like fertility, mating, and offspring development. When the dose was increased to up to 25 times the human dose, there is no liver toxicity or other adverse effects. The toxicology studies of garcinia cambogia derived HCA confirm that it is safe for human use.

But you should keep in mind that any safe supplements should not be over-dosed, because when they are taken as extremely high dose, they will be toxic to your body. You need to follow the dose label and the instruction of weight loss procedures to ensure the safety of yourself.

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