Foods that Fight Sleep

Foods That Keep You Up at Night

If you are a light sleeper, bedtime food consumption may be the culinary culprit. It is a known fact that improper intake a couple of hours prior to your normal retiring hour can be destructive. Certain items are instigators of insomnia and unrest, causing you to toss and turn.They should be avoided at all costs. Consult the infographic “Foods That Keep You Up at Night” for an outline of options. It is clear that chocolate, red meat such as steak, excessive liquids and alcohol, spicy, fried, aged, and fatty foods are all inevitable evils that can rob you of your wellbeing. One way or another, they disrupt REM sleep and circadian rhythm, are slow to digest, and are overtly energy-producing. Some cause heartburn, others the frequent urge to urinate.

In general, they are negative “no-nos” likely to promote ill health. Bad habits can be corrected and replaced by more rewarding routines, however. With the infographic in hand, you can learn the ropes of relaxing rest with a few nightly changes. The benefits will keep you in compliance and on track. You don’t have to give up your favorite snacks. Just be judicious about when and where to indulge.

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