Garcinia Cambogia Case Study – Cindy S.

Editor’s Note – This case study/success story was sent in by Cindy S. Thank you Cindy!

Well, Dr. Oz seems to be right. My wife showed me his testimonial about garcinia cambogia fruit extract on the internet after seeing a particular show on the subject, and I got really excited. Women get gung ho about their dieting and will try anything. They talk about it endlessly. I don’t have the time, energy or motivation to get involved with a series of bogus weight loss schemes.

I appreciate the scientific backing of the garcinia cambogia diet supplements, the fact that they have been tested in clinical trials and have been found to be safe – as long as you are an adult with reasonable health, of course. They won’t cause me to have a heart attack with excess stimulation. You want your metabolism to get a kick start, but safely please. I also want a long-term solution that will enhance, not endanger my health.

There were many brands on the internet with Dr. Oz’ recommendation in the advertising copy. I selected one with a high concentration of what is called HCA (hydroxycitric acid). 65% was the most I could find. I started the capsules three times a day hoping for optimum results and already I see an improvement in my midsection.

The pounds are dropping slowly but steadily and with a little exercise, I might get some real definition to my abs! I feel that I am doing something healthy and in the right way without risk, only reward.

I would recommend the garcinia cambogia extract. I understand it comes from the dried rind of a very exotic eastern fruit called a tamarink. It reminds me of Chinese herbal medicine. It comes from nature; it has been around for ages; and it works. I can say that I now believe in the wisdom of the ages.  It sure beats starving yourself. The nice thing is that you don’t feel like eating everything in sight. It makes you feel like eating to feel satisfied, not more.

With safety taken care of, I can go on to use these natural supplements for some of the health benefits I have been reading about. I feel better in general and expect to see good results at my next physical exam. I have taken my blood pressure and am pretty happy about it going lower. I was always borderline. I will check my cholesterol and am optimistic about it as well.  The literature on garcinia cambogia is consistent about better cholesterol levels with repeated use. I am following the guidelines as directed and not taking more than recommended just to see if I can lose weight faster. If you believe in something, you want to be vigilant about it, but not so avid that you lose sight of reality.

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