Garcinia Cambogia Case Study – Stephanie K.

fitnessEditors Note: This case study was sent in by AGC reader, Stephanie K.

I had tried just about every product in the area of weight loss supplements and felt really out of options for dealing with my surplus pounds. I was not obese or even pleasantly plump as they say. However, I did have some unwanted belly fat stretching my waist a few sizes more than desired. With so much scrutiny these days about appearance, I had become pretty stressed out about my weight. Everyone wants to look as good as Angelina Jolie.

Who doesn’t want to wear beautiful designer clothes that fit like a glove but reveal anything extra around the middle. No one wants to be called “plus size.”

Like everyone I know, I surfed the internet for the latest, greatest diet program or miracle fat burner. You end up reading thousands of ads, testimonials, and product descriptions. That’s how I found Garcinia Cambogia Gold, an extract from an exotic fruit that I read comes from the east and looks like a pumpkin. It is also called a tamarind. In any case, I purchased it in capsule form and followed the directions carefully as advised. I wasn’t too nervous about its safety as I didn’t see anything scary about side effects on line, and I really looked! However, I was mindful of possible adverse allergic reactions or drug interactions, even though it is a natural product.

At first, I took it slow. I was organized and tried the garcinia cambogia supplements three times a day well before meals according to instructions. I didn’t get too hysterical about exercise or starving myself, even though it was recommended. I wanted to see how the pills worked on their own. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I did lose some weight without much duress after a few weeks. I got motivated at this point to continue the program and add an exercise regimen into the mix.

Over the next two months, I was ecstatic to see more pounds drop away and a smoother, more taut belly appear.

I expected it to be a “fat burner” as touted in most of the articles but seeing is believing. A little skeptical at first, this middle aged matron has now become a babe in a new body. I could pass for 35! I am more self-assured and ready to face the social world once again with renewed gusto. No hiding behind tent dresses or smock tops for me!

I am also pleased to say that I did not experience any weird repercussions from the garcinia cambogia gold extract – no nausea, headaches, or laxative issues. What a relief. I will continue the supplements indefinitely because they not only helped me shed pounds, but I feel better in general and have more energy at the gym to work out. And, of course, the anxiety and stress about my self-image have disappeared along with the weight. I like the natural approach to health improvement and am so glad to be able to eliminate potentially dangerous methods — no matter how well they are supposed to work.

Do you have a good experience using garcinia cambogia in your diet?

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