Garcinia Cambogia Case Study – Tami B.

Editor’s Note:  This case study was sent in by Tami B, thanks Tami!

I have looked far and wide for a good diet supplement, liquid or capsule, and have heard horror stories about impure products and excessive stimulants. After all, it is a weight loss/health remedy, it shouldn’t make you sick, right? Then there are all those websites shrieking “scam.” It’s enough to scare the hardiest person, no matter how desperate to shed weight. I wasn’t too optimistic about garcinia cambogia at first as a result.

After two months now, I am ready to proclaim success. I have put a lot of faith into this little miracle fruit and rightly so. It has fulfilled its promise. I am halfway to my goal and expect a month or two will bring it all to fruition – the dieting, exercise program, meditation, etc. I have been working hard to become more fit along with my reduced size. I have placed the garcinia cambogia extract in the middle of the whole process, like the keystone in a vault. It is necessary to keep all the components of my program in place, working together one alongside the other.

What I have found most pleasing is the lack of side effects. I think it is because there is nothing in the capsules but a few elements (potassium and calcium). I never got any headaches, stomach problems, digestion issues, or addictive responses.  I take the supplements every day: simple and easy. I want to learn more about the fruit as I understand it has been around for ages as a medicinal plant and cooking additive. I might try some of the recipes that use the fruit rind. This kind of thing can become part of your life if it works. Weight is a constant battle and needs vigilance to combat. I like focusing on a natural method in particular. You don’t want something artificial to gum up the process.

I feel better overall now that I am thinner and not carrying around those extra pounds, particularly around the middle where they seem to accumulate for most women who overeat. I have gotten very motivated about dieting now that it is painless. The food cravings aren’t ruling my life and taunting me to indulge, no matter what the consequence. I believe I will stick with this program, unlike so many others that have come and gone as fads in short-term fashion.

When you look better, your confidence soars and this is really the side-effect (in a positive manner) of garcinia cambogia. I am less stressed about everything now that weight is not the center of my universe. Stress is so destructive on the body: on the immune system, blood pressure, etc. Since the fruit supplements address stress along with weight loss, they are a true health product in my book in the real sense of the word.

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