Garcinia Cambogia Gold Overview

Garcinia Cambogia ExtractEveryone is looking for a miraculous diet plan. Among the thousands of options offered on the internet, garcinia cambogia gold extract is the most promising and exciting breakthrough. The impact on appetite tops the list of positive results. Never has a new weight loss program received so much press, so much acclaim, and so much verbal buzz. Garcinia cambogia is now touted as the answer to many health conditions. Not only does the natural nutritional supplement reduce the absorption fat, but it lowers cholesterol, decreases the hormone cortisol, and regulates blood pressure. It is said to soothe anxiety and promote a general feeling of well-being by increasing serotonin levels in the brain. Consumers say the effect on mood and stress reduction is magic.

The extract is made from the dried rind of a small tamarind-like fruit, garcinia cambogia, native primarily to the African and Asian continents, and known for centuries. The “secret” active component hydroxycitric acid (HCA) inhibits carbohydrate conversion to fat with no reported side effects when taken in the recommended dosage. It is safe, certain, and secure, yet potent. It has been thoroughly tested in clinical studies and evaluated to be non-toxic and non-allergenic to humans. Thus it has been called “the miracle fruit,” “the magic bullet,” and “the queen of all fruits.” It is incomparable as an enhancement to any fitness program and irreplaceable as a weight loss supplement and energy booster.

Who should take garcinia cambogia extract? Anyone deemed overweight needing to shed extra pounds quickly and effectively and those suffering from psychological disorders such as anxiety and/or depression. In addition, people with high blood pressure or cholesterol may benefit. For the first group, carcinia cambogia gold extract works in two ways to suppress the appetite, reduce emotional eating, and burn fat. It has gained a stellar reputation as a multi-purpose diet aid for its efficacy when accompanied by a proper weight loss and exercise regimen. The renowned Dr. Oz of the popular television show has repeatedly praised the product and virtually endorsed it as the “holy grail of weight loss,” even better than green coffee, raspberry ketones or African mango. Other medical experts have come to accept garcinia cambogia extract as the all-in-one ideal solution to combat over-eating.

Garcinia cambogia gold is an extracted form of the superfruit containing at least 60% HCA. It generally comes in capsule form to be taken before meals in multiple doses as directed by a healthcare professional for the optimum therapeutic effect. In some products, HCA is bound to calcium and potassium for solubility and absorption. There are several patented versions on the market, the best of which do not contain fillers, additives, stimulants, preservatives, animal products, or sulfates. It is therefore suitable for vegans. Pregnant or breast-feeding women, those with Alzheimer’s disease or diabetes, and children, however, are advised to avoid the extract. Because of the recent popularity of garcinia cambogia gold, bogus belly buster products and scams now abound on the internet. To maximize success with the supplement, careful scrutiny of the manufacturer is highly recommended to ensure quality control and ingredient purity.


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