GHI Maximum Strength Garcinia Cambogia (Review)

GHI Maximum Strength Garcinia Cambogia

When taken in a maximum strength, garcinia cambogia capsules affects food absorption by inhibiting fat synthesis from carbohydrates. In other words, they promote the conversion of carbohydras to glycogen, not fat.

The result is healthy and safe weight loss for adults adhering to dosage instructions of 2 capsules per day. (The green and while recyclable container houses a one-month supply.) Fitness and strength are illustrated on the bottle, reminding users of the potent impact of the dietary supplements on good health and well-being. GHI (Global Health Ideas) produces a pure product with no fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients.

The vital constituent of diet programs is HCA or hydroxycitric acid) found in a high concentration of 65%. Extracted from the garcinia cambogia rind, this powerhouse metabolic catalyst boosts the immune system, increases the secretion of the hormone serotonin (for enhanced mood), suppresses the formation of bad cholesterol, controls appetite, and best of all burns belly fat. It reduces the negative effects of cortisol.

All in all, it is a safe and secure way to diet and lose weight quickly and carefully without side effects or negative allergic reactions.

Ingredients (Supplement Facts):

Garcinia cambogia P.E. 65% HCA 1000 mg                              daily value not established
Calcium carbonate 100 mg                                                                8% daily value
Chromium picolinate 250mcg                                                         300% daily value
Potassium gluconate 105mg                                                            3% daily value
Other: vegetarian capsule

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