Healthy Food Habits || Infographic

Healthy Food habits

Lively and engaging, the infographic “Healthy Food Habits” is an at-a-glance guide to eating right and living well. In a colorful manner, the illustrations tell the story of good nutrition and the role of exercise in daily life. There is no earth-shattering news, just a common sense approach in capsule form for best results. Tips and tricks for correct consumption appear consecutively and include ideas for a better more substantial breakfast; how to shop effectively, enjoying nourishing snacks; walking more every day; the importance of fruits, vegetables, and antioxidants; and the advantages of sharing meals. Learning how to combine foods such as yogurt and fruit or cheese and crackers is an added bonus.

It is simple and straightforward; heeding the advice is easy. “Eat healthy live healthy” is the apt motto and motivating message. These truisms are ignored by many who seek alternative quick-fix answers. There is no substitute for balance and proportion, for preferring water or sugary juice, and for drinking green tea to boost metabolic rate. You can’t go wrong with favoring protein over fat. These realities of dietary life are made clear in captivating images. A little twist on the subject is to sit down to eat, do so slowly, and try to consume less. Furthermore, you should eat more fruits and veggies than you think you need. All in all, the infographic is the recipe for improved habits and maximum longevity.Anyone can follow the regimen with ease.

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