• Prevention is the Key

    By AGC on January 15, 2014
    Every precaution should be taken to prevent the leading cause of death in women. Hence the creation of the infographic, “Women + Heart Disease.” The good news is that there is great hope; something can be done to stave off its ravaging effects. The hybrid word-image construction is a quick, easy-to-follow guide to steps women can take now to live […]
  • Foods that Fight Sleep

    By AGC on December 14, 2013
    If you are a light sleeper, bedtime food consumption may be the culinary culprit. It is a known fact that improper intake a couple of hours prior to your normal retiring hour can be destructive. Certain items are instigators of insomnia and unrest, causing you to toss and turn.They should be avoided at all costs. Consult the infographic “Foods That […]
  • Avoid the Diabetes Threat

    By AGC on December 14, 2013
    Diabetes can be a serious threat to your health. It has numerous cumulative effects. It can be treated and managed, and more importantly, avoided altogether. The infographic “5 Ways to Never get Diabetes” is your colorful guide to eliminating the impending monster. In a few easy steps, you can keep it at permanent bay. It is more than a matter […]
  • Ten Natural Ways to Feel More energized

    By AGC on December 14, 2013
    Good things come in packages of ten.The infographic “Ten Natural Ways to Feel More energized” is a bundle of multiple benefits designed to produce a re-invigorated new you. A complete do-it-yourself program, it is a laundrylist oftop flight methods to feel potent and powerful today. Easy to follow, low cost and low maintenance, the program is a self-contained recipe for […]
  • Healthy Food Habits || Infographic

    By AGC on December 13, 2013
    Lively and engaging, the infographic “Healthy Food Habits” is an at-a-glance guide to eating right and living well. In a colorful manner, the illustrations tell the story of good nutrition and the role of exercise in daily life. There is no earth-shattering news, just a common sense approach in capsule form for best results. Tips and tricks for correct consumption […]
  • Abandon the Bogus: Getting Straight on Dieting Fads

    By AGC on December 2, 2013
    It is said that 55% of diet product ads are likely to make false claims. Yikes! And 40% actually do without doubt. This is not a promising statistic. The sober-as-a-judge infographic, “Too Good to be True,” tells it all about the costs and risks of fad diets. Ranging from a brief definition of the subject, it progresses to some pretty […]
  • Understanding the Paleo Diet : Info-Graphic

    By AGC on December 2, 2013
    You say you haven’t heard of it; well you have now! The colorful and whimsical infographic, “The Paleo Revolution” presents the age-old nutritional program of our predecessors of yore—what humans consumed during the Paleolithic Eraso many millions of years ago. It is not surprising that fruits and vegetables, lean meats, nuts and seeds, good fats,  fish, and eggs were tops […]
  • Learn How to Burn Minute by Minute : Info-Graphic

    By AGC on December 1, 2013
    Burning calories is always about diet and exercise. The latter can have a dramatic impact when done consistently and efficiently. What to do? Check out the infographic, “21 Ways to Burn 300 Calories Outdoors.” Breathe in the fresh air while the pounds melt away. There is something for everyone. It is a cornucopia of athletic options. In an hour and […]
  • Calorie Facts Plain and Simple

    By AGC on November 13, 2013
          Some of us like our facts plain and simple. We use data as fodder for making decisions and formulating a plan of action. When it comes to exercise, in particular, we can certainly use the motivation of charts and graphs that hit us with the reality of the situation. What burns more calories, walking or running, for […]
  • Weight Loss Myths [Infographic]

    By AGC on September 30, 2013
    kate spade outlet asics gel cumulusbasket louboutin pas cher cheap ray ban sunglasses infographic’s colorful delivery of these 10 key weight loss distortions are well-placed intervening tips They are a sure-fire guide to better health and fitness no matter what else you do–lowering high-caloric intake, increasing exercise (or taking up a sport) to strengthen muscles, establishing a healthy eating plan […]