Labrada Nutrition Garcinia Cambogia

Time is of the essence. No one wants to remain overweight for long. The consequences are ill health, potential disease, and poor body functioning. Taking garcinia cambogia with HCA (hydroxycitric acid) can speed up the weight loss process with its superior metabolic benefits.


labrada nutrition garcinia cambogiaAs a proven remedy for those excess pounds and an uncontrollable appetite, the dual-action fruit extract is the proven panacea for the universal stigma of obesity and the perfect aid for average people seeking to tone up and slim down. Labrada Nutrition offers a pure form of the popular fruit without resorting to added ingredients like binders, fillers, and chemicals. You will not experience jitters, nervous reactions, or blood pressure elevation.
Stimulants and extraneous ingredients are not necessary for the optimal performance of the product and they can cause allergic reactions and potential toxicity. The product ingredients have superior bio-availability. The bottle illustrating the green wonder fruit houses 90 capsules for a one-month supply.


Just take two capsules three times a day at least thirty minutes before meals. Along with promising a leaner body, Labrada Nutrition stands for fat-burning and appetite suppression at its best.


Garcinia cambogia extract standardized minimum 60% HCA 1560mg known as Super Citri-Max
Calcium (as hydroxycitrate) 125 mg 15% daily value
Potassium (as hydroxycitrate) 187 mg 6% daily value

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