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21 ways to burn calories

Burning calories is always about diet and exercise. The latter can have a dramatic impact when done consistently and efficiently. What to do? Check out the infographic, “21 Ways to Burn 300 Calories Outdoors.” Breathe in the fresh air while the pounds melt away. There is something for everyone. It is a cornucopia of athletic options. In an hour and a half, you can achieve this goal with volleyball or a Frisbee. In less time, archery and horseback riding make the grade. Only got an hour or less? Weeding, planting seeds, shrubs, and even trees will do the trick. For quick results, only 24 minutes–the low point of the chart–are needed to burn 300 calories while you run, job, or jump rope. Tack on a few more and you can play tennis, and enjoy biking or rollerblading. Choose golf, a cross-country hike, or groom your favorite horse for a mere 40. Playing games with kids or skateboarding take 48-49. It all adds up. Be social or go solo, but by all means indulge. Movement, whether through chores or sports, is the key to successful weight reduction.  The simple infographic guide will help you maintain a tally as you keep pace with today’s health and fitness trends.It is your personal pass to calorie counting the natural way. Do it often and burn away.

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