Life Extension HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid), 90 Veggie Cap Review

People usually resort to easy breezy methods of shedding excess fat and losing weight just so they see all the unused fats go away from their bodies. However, not all of these methods are actually safe and healthy for the body. It’s a good thing though that for a person to obtain safe and healthy means to manage weight and lose fats, he or she only has to look around for products that are naturally acquired and produced.

Many are not privy to the fact that a certain compound called hydroxycitric acid is one of the most effective and most sought-after natural means to lose weight. This is found in Life Extension HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid), 90 Veggie Cap.


Hydroxycitric acid belongs to the family of the more commonly known citric acid which gives lemons, oranges, and other citric fruits that distinct sweet-sour and tangy flavour. Life Extension, a company that provides hydroxycitric acid, obtains the powerful compound from Garcinia cambogia, a small fruit that’s kin to mangosteens and is found in southern India. This fruit has been used for centuries as flavouring, and preservative.

Independent studies and laboratory analyses have been suggesting that hydroxycitric acid is an effective promoter of weight loss since it boosts the body’s serotonin levels, thereby cutting down the impulse for hunger and appetite. It also helps control the conversion of carbohydrates into fats by inhibiting factors that are related to fat production and obesity.


Life Extension strongly advises its users that for the product to be 100% effective, it has to be taken along with a healthy diet and regular fitness program. Users swear that when one capsule is taken three times each day 45 minutes before meals, you can expect good results soon.


Garcinia cambogia fruit powder extract standardized for 50% hydroxycitric acid (250 mg)
Vegetable cellulose
Ascorbyl palmitate

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