Miracle Superfruit – Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogiaYou may never have heard of garcinia cambogia, but perhaps you have tried curry cuisine in a Thai or an Indian restaurant. The extract of garcinia cambogia is one of the important ingredients in Indian curry and its taste and nutrients are part of the traditional dish. In fact,  it gives curry its typical color and freshness.  In addition, people in many other countries use garcinia cambogia as their major cooking flavor. Garcinia cambogia is native to Indonesia and is grown in Southeast Asia, Kamataka, India, and West and Central Africa. It is also very popular in South Africa.

It is known as the “Queen of All Fruits” and the “Miracle Superfruit” because it contains active ingredients confirmed to be healthy by medical doctors, clinical researchers, and nutritionist around the world.

Clinical trials confirm that garcinia cambogia is healthy

Any brand-new product is required to be tested in humans to confirm its safety and efficacy on  health whatever its purposes. Actually not all new products on the market have been tested in clinical trials. When it comes to these products, although they may be tested on animals, it is not wise to assume they will do you good without risk.

However, rest assured that you can fully trust garcinia cambogia.  It has been tested in human clinical trials. It is safe and the suitable dose has been determined for our specific purpose. It is important to know the dose limit of any supplement: there is always a limit and an over-dose of any product may be detrimental.

Ideal for weight loss

In addition to being a crucial ingredient in curry, there are  other uses of garcinia cambogia in cooking. garcinia cambogia contains a special acid called hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which makes the extracts from the fruit taste sour. It has long been considered as an aid to digestion in Asian countries, but it has recently been found that HCA can also block the formation of fat cells. When you take in excessive carbs, some enzymes can form fat cells; HCA can block this process and assist in weight loss.

The miracle is that the extract can do more than just block fat formation. It can suppress your appetite fostering the tendency to eat less. The reduced intake will help you lose weight.

Its role in bad cholesterol

Cholesterols are a group of important nutrients found in animal foods; they are required for the normal functioning of the heart, brain, liver and many other organs. There are two different kinds of cholesterol — the good and the bad. If there is too much in the body, especially of the bad kind, it can be harmful. In this regard, scientific researchers have found that garcinia cambogia is a double-edged sword — it can either reduce bad cholesterol (the LDL level) or increase the good kind (the HDL level). Thus, the fat regulation effects of garcinia cambogia play an important role in the regulation of good and bad cholesterol.

It improves digestion and metabolism

As mentioned, garcinia cambogia contains special acids that can help your daily digestion.  They will not only address digestive weakness, but more importantly, they will assist your body achieve better metabolism. Did you know that one of the health-threatening diseases, diabetes, is actually called a metabolic disorder? Any problems in our metabolic system can have severe consequences such as diabetes. Garcinia cambogia can stabilize metabolic chemicals in the body by cutting down the formation of fat and cholesterol, thereby enhancing the food digestive functions. It helps balance the metabolic process and may reduce your risk of diabetes and other dangerous diseases.

It lowers stress

You want to live a better life and you work hard to earn your living. When you are under stress, the related hormones will increase in your body. If the levels of these hormones, like cortisol and serotonin, cannot be controlled, your stress may worsen. You may experience early anxiety; and if this persists without appropriate treatment, it may develop into serious a problem such as depression. Another miracle of garcinia cambogia is that it can regulate your hormone levels by managing the  stress hormone (cortisol) and by increasing the stress-control hormone (serotonin). The result is better stress and mood balance.

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