How to Reward Yourself for Losing Weight

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It’s not such drudgery after all.  Weight loss can actually be fun. So says the infograpic “How to Reward Yourself for Losing Weight.” When you add up the value of the ten best rewards for your efforts, it amounts to considerable personal pleasure, making you want to do more to peel away those pesky pounds. Knowing you can treat yourself to anything from gourmet food to a fantastic facial will surely keep you on the road to reduction. The new slimmer you will bask in your newfound glory while you pamper and indulge yourself in new and unimaginable ways. In a simple and colorful illustrated chart, the infographic tantalizes and taunts with a series of sweeteners to the diet pot. One is more appealing than the other. #1 deals with top quality food, appeasing our strongest human faculty—the appetite! It has to be expensive to count and healthy to boot—a double whammy for the health conscious among us. #2 is all about acquisition—a little something to buy yourself with the promise of more to come. Taking a cooking class is #3 on the list. Getting rid of all that bad frozen food and fat-laden processed snacks can do a world of good. #4 means pamper time is near. Pedicures and massages, for example, are a perk for tired tootsies and a restful bonus for you. Strike a pose and smile says #5. A photo shoot is a great motivator and confidence builder to keep you looking your best for all your Facebook and Instagram fans. Compensation #6 finds you luxuriating at the spa—a week-end of much-deserved no-holds-barred self-indulgence for the ultimate in relaxation and renewal. Celebrating yourself is the heart of #7 for a new and better you. Refresh your skin and refashion your hair to face the world in style. Losing those unwanted pounds gets you the fringe benefits of #8. Join a sports or fitness class such as yoga to bring the bounty of new friends and novel ways of having a good time. #9 offers the peace and serenity of a trip to the beach or mountains. Going with others is a boost to family bonding. Add charity work in the mix to reap the reward of selfless giving and to enrich your spiritual being in the process. The last item ends it all up. #10 recognizes the reward of sharing your success with friends and family, enhancing the camaraderie of joint effort. In sum, the infographic enumerates 10 weight loss rewards to stimulate your self-esteem, improve your social life, enhance your mental and physical states, and give recompense as you progress on your wellness journey. You have taken the steps, fought for results, and have arrived at your destination. Now you can redeem your prizes.


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