Understanding the Paleo Diet : Info-Graphic

The Paleo Revolution

You say you haven’t heard of it; well you have now! The colorful and whimsical infographic, “The Paleo Revolution” presents the age-old nutritional program of our predecessors of yore—what humans consumed during the Paleolithic Eraso many millions of years ago. It is not surprising that fruits and vegetables, lean meats, nuts and seeds, good fats,  fish, and eggs were tops on their list. The benefits are many and very compelling. No wonder evolution progressed and advanced. The charts of the infographic update the impact of the Paleo Revolution in modern terms. After clear instruction as to what to avoid, benefits are enumerated as they encircle a cave man mascot—balanced energy; stable blood sugar; clear skin and better teeth; reduced allergies; a lower incidence of diabetes, cardiovascular and autoimmune disease, and irritable bowel syndrome. What’s more, you can experience more efficient workouts, anti-inflammatory effects, and improved sleep. Statistics from a survey were compiled to assess the diet’s desirability as compared to other regimens. A majority of participants reported overall enhanced health. Loaded with images, the infographic presents a compelling case for the archaic plan. In modern times it is actually not really new. It dates back to 1970 and the gastroenterologist Walter L. Voegtlin.  Nutritionists and medical professions have been jumping on the band wagon ever since. Now it has reached public renown through the media as an alternative to fad single-food or one-nutrient diets. The balance inherent in the Paleo Revolution is the key to its success. No wonder early man evolved so well. Health and fitness buffs can now imitate their less weighty ancestors on the path to progress by following this common sense course of action.

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