Weight Loss Myths [Infographic]

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“Weight Loss Myths” is an infographic loaded with practical knowledge to help get rid of those misconceptions and misunderstandings that are preventing you from successful abstinence

These myths are resilient: they have been hanging around the diet world for decades, lying in wait to sabotage even the most noble of slenderizing intentions

The infographic sets us straight

Countering the ten culprits with facts and tips on effective weight loss, it leads us down a more positive path by casting aside the old lore and establishing a new set of more timeless truths

#1 (carbs are fattening) is the foundation of some pretty prestigious diet regimens


Complex versions like fruits, veggies and whole grains should be your nutritional staples, not “no nos

” #2 squelches the practice of skipping meals such as breakfast to cut calories

Eating late is the focus of #3, a myth that ignores the reality of total daily food intake

#4 erroneously implies that weight lifting adds unwanted pounds, when in fact it builds much-needed muscle

#5 revolves around the ideal mount of exercise necessary to lose weight efficiently

(Most people misassume it takes a lot more time than it actually does to be effective

) #6 slams eating meat while #7 perpetuates the myth of going vegetarian

Drinking tons of water says #8

While it does keep us hydrated, in itself it does not promote fat reduction

#9 suggests that exercise helps improve poor metabolism when, in fact, it primarily boosts the digestive system

Finally, #10 is a hybrid myth: eating well and exercising consistently will prevent you eternally from gaining weight

Wish it were true! Metabolism slows with age, forcing us to change and adapt what we eat and do physically: nothing ever stays the same

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