Weight loss Tips

  • Calorie Facts Plain and Simple

    By AGC on November 13, 2013
          Some of us like our facts plain and simple. We use data as fodder for making decisions and formulating a plan of action. When it comes to exercise, in particular, we can certainly use the motivation of charts and graphs that hit us with the reality of the situation. What burns more calories, walking or running, for […]
  • Weight Loss Myths [Infographic]

    By AGC on September 30, 2013
    kate spade outlet asics gel cumulusbasket louboutin pas cher cheap ray ban sunglasses infographic’s colorful delivery of these 10 key weight loss distortions are well-placed intervening tips They are a sure-fire guide to better health and fitness no matter what else you do–lowering high-caloric intake, increasing exercise (or taking up a sport) to strengthen muscles, establishing a healthy eating plan […]
  • Ten Tips for Succesful Weight Loss | Weight Loss Tips [Info-Graphic]

    By AGC on August 15, 2013
    Ten tips are easy to remember on the engaging infographic “10 Tips for Successful Weight Loss.” Pertinent images convey the message in simple and colorful terms, making each entry hit home with a powerful punch. Who doesn’t want to eat breakfast, drink more water, limit food shopping, be physically and mentally active, balance nutrition and exercise, get more regular sleep […]